Mining Construction Equipment Supplier    
  Industrial Boilers
Air cooled turbo-generators with capacity 1,5…160 MW
KSVBO-50-11MN1 compensator
Hydro Generators 1 – 300MW
Generators of small capacity
Direct currentd machines
Control system for brushless exciter of synchronous generators
Life supporting systems for Turbo-generators
  Electric Motors
Two-pole synchronous motors, fast running

Salient-pole synchronous motors

Asynchronous explosive-proof motors with short-circuited rotor
Asynchronous motors with short-circuited rotor
Control system for brushless exciter of synchronous motors with capacity up to 12500 KW
VTE10-315 and VTE 630/150T series thyristor exciter for synchronous motors
Dry-type transformers of TSPN-60, TSPN-63, TSPN-100 series
  Electrically Driven Gas Comressor Units
Electrically driven gas compressor units
  Variable frequency drives for induction motors
Variable frequency electric drives for synchronous motors
  Centrifugal Compression Machines
  Forced-Draft Machines
PCTE-T212 and PCTE-T222 series of complete control gears for variable frequency drives are intended for control over squirrel cage induction motors for rated voltages 0,4; 0,66; 6 and 10 kV and capacity up to 8000 kW.
Quality System
The quality management system includes the management responsibility, organizational structure of quality management, documentation, processes and resources ecessary for realization of quality management.

Sphere of application of the quality management system are the processes of marketing, designing, purchases, and manufacture, necessary spare parts.


The quality management system of EOS Ltd. contains the following processes:


1. Definition of policy, purposes of the enterprise.
2. Management of the documentation and data.
3. Documentation on quality and protocols of quality.
4. Marketing and market research.
5. Projection and development.
6. Purchase, acceptance inspection.
7. Manufacture.
8. Control of devices.
9. Control and tests.
10. Internal quality checks.
11. Control of nonconforming product.
12. Corrective and preventive actions.

Implementation of energy-saving technologies and automation facilities is not simply purchase and sale of wares. High economical result and short payback period of investment can be reached only under condition of competent performance of a row of works.
One of success factors is a correct choice of implementation object. Consumer’s specialists know well production techniques and operation modes of equipment. Specialists of EOS for energy management and energy audit know properties of their own products and evaluation methods of energy savings.
Turnkey commissioning
On delivery of equipment, a complex of installation works, adjustment and commissioning is performed. The works are carried out with participation of special constructing-and-mounting organizations in customer’s country and in close co- operation with specialists of a consumer. EOS Ltd. has correspondent licenses issued in a row of countries.
Training of personal
During adjustment and commissioning, training of consumer’s personal on operation rules with equipment is carried out. More complete theoretical and practical training is performed in research laboratory, test station and training class of EOS Ltd.
After-sales service
Relations with users are not ended after termination of warranty period. Within lifetime of equipment, technical support of our customers, consultations on application capability and removing of arisen problems are carried out. Various technical assistances can be rendered. And, naturally, supply of Quality management system of EOS Ltd.
EOS products operate at hundred enterprises in municipal economy, power industry, metal manufacture, chemical, oil and other branches of industry. The most striking examples are.
Municipal economy
Participation in the Environmental Policy and Technology Project under the direction of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Energy saving program in municipal enterprise
During realization of the complex energy saving program in municipal water supply and sewerage enterprise “Minskvodokanal”, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, dozens sets of variable frequency drives with capacity up to 800 kW were delivered and commissioned - in water pumping stations of the first and second lifting, relift pumping stations, sewerage pumping stations.
Power industry
Delivery of 1250 kW variable frequency drive for Gomel heat and power plant
Delivery of variable frequency drives for heat and power plants of Minsk
Oil industry
Introduction of PCTE variable frequency drives on operating oil-pumping station “Kalamkas”.