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Life supporting systems for Turbo-generators
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Asynchronous motors with short-circuited rotor
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VTE10-315 and VTE 630/150T series thyristor exciter for synchronous motors
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Electrically driven gas compressor units
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Life supporting systems for Turbo-generators
Air cleaner and air recirculation unit is designed to run in conjunction with TK-series turbo-generators of open loop ventilation and serves to clean and pre-heat atmospheric incoming air arriving to generator.
Air arriving to generator is heated by means of utilization of heat removed losses.
System of cooling air recirculation ensures start-up and operation of generator within temperature range from minus 60° C to plus 5° C. Climatic version of air cleaning and air recirculation module is NF3 type.
Air mixing chamber should be located inside generator container, and air cleaning chamber should be on the container roof.

1. Air cleaner and air recirculation unit

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2. Water recirculation devices in air coolers   Download the PDF
3. Oil supplying device for turbo-generator bearings of capacity 20-32 MW   Download the PDF