Air cooled turbo-generators with capacity 1,5…160 MW
Synchronous turbo-generators, non-salient pole type, alternating three-phase current are designed to generate power in conjunction with steam turbines of commercial frequency 50 or 60 Hz driven by steam and gas turbines. Such generators are installed on stationary and transportable thermal and gas-turbine power stations.
Turbo-generators are excited by brushless excitement systems or by static thyristor excitation system under microprocessor and digital control.
Delivery set of turbo-generators includes the following: excitation system, thermal control equipment, installation accessories, basement valves and fixtures, operational documents, spare parts
Turbo-generators are produced in conformity with international standards (according to the Russia’s internal standards GOST 533), individual performance specifications and of different layout and composition: general industrial purpose, tropical, exports.
1. T-series turbo-generators   Download the PDF
2. Turbo-generators with open ventilation loop   Download the PDF
3. TK series turbo-generators with close ventilation loop   Download the PDF
4. Turbo-generators of special version   Download the PDF
5. Turbo-generators with capacity 16 – 63MW   Download the PDF
6. TTK-series turbo-generators with capacity 25 – 160MW   Download the PDF