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  Industrial Boilers
Air cooled turbo-generators with capacity 1,5…160 MW
KSVBO-50-11MN1 compensator
Hydro Generators 1 – 300MW
Generators of small capacity
Direct currentd machines
Control system for brushless exciter of synchronous generators
Life supporting systems for Turbo-generators
  Electric Motors
Two-pole synchronous motors, fast running

Salient-pole synchronous motors

Asynchronous explosive-proof motors with short-circuited rotor
Asynchronous motors with short-circuited rotor
Control system for brushless exciter of synchronous motors with capacity up to 12500 KW
VTE10-315 and VTE 630/150T series thyristor exciter for synchronous motors
Dry-type transformers of TSPN-60, TSPN-63, TSPN-100 series
  Electrically Driven Gas Comressor Units
Electrically driven gas compressor units
  Variable frequency drives for induction motors
Variable frequency electric drives for synchronous motors
  Centrifugal Compression Machines
  Forced-Draft Machines
Hydro Generators 1 – 300MW
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Production facilities of PRIVOD Holding company allow to manufacture hydro-generators with air cooling and wide range of capacities from 1 to 300 MW, rotational speed from 50 to 1000 rpm, vertical or horizontal type, thus ensuring almost any requirement of a Customer.
A team of designers of the company and specialists from engineering centre have gained unique experience in designing new hydro-generators and retrofit of power generation facilities in Russia and worldwide.
Hydro-generators are delivered complete with accessories systems (excitation, cooling, stopping, fire-extinguisher, thermal control and others), with sets of spare parts, tools and accessories for installation and for warranty and commercial operation periods.