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Centrifugal Air Compressor Control Suppliers

  Industrial Boilers
Air cooled turbo-generators with capacity 1,5…160 MW
KSVBO-50-11MN1 compensator
Hydro Generators 1 – 300MW
Generators of small capacity
Direct currentd machines
Control system for brushless exciter of synchronous generators
Life supporting systems for Turbo-generators
  Electric Motors
Two-pole synchronous motors, fast running

Salient-pole synchronous motors

Asynchronous explosive-proof motors with short-circuited rotor
Asynchronous motors with short-circuited rotor
Control system for brushless exciter of synchronous motors with capacity up to 12500 KW
VTE10-315 and VTE 630/150T series thyristor exciter for synchronous motors
Dry-type transformers of TSPN-60, TSPN-63, TSPN-100 series
  Electrically Driven Gas Comressor Units
Electrically driven gas compressor units
  Variable frequency drives for induction motors
Variable frequency electric drives for synchronous motors
  Centrifugal Compression Machines
  Forced-Draft Machines

The Centrifugal Compression Machines

The centrifugal compression machines (CCMs) are designed for compressing and moving air and other gases. the CCMs include turbocompression units, compressors, and blowers. The fields of the CCMs' use are shown in the Table below. The CCMs are electrically driven, automatically controlled, and stationary (foundation-mounted)
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Centrifugal Compressor Control