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Mine winders with externally-arranged brakes.
Mine winders with internally-arranged brakes
Speed reduces for mine winders
Services offered on mine winders

Mine winders are designed to fit out the mine hoisting facilities installed in the vertical and sloping mine shafts that are used to transfer the load hoisting vessels upon hoisting mineral resources and rocks, descending/lifting the men, materials and equipment, checking up and inspecting the shaft and handing up or changing the hoist and balancing ropes.

These machines may be employed both for the stationary and heading hoisting facilities. They are installed on the reinforced-concrete foundations in the premises with the air temperature between +5°C and +40°C.

Machines may be made with the left-or right-hand drive arrangement with regard to the control desk.

Mine winders may be either gear-driven off the one or two high-speed motors or gearless, i.e. driven off the low-speed d.c. motor.

Electric and control equipment of the mine winders afford automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating modes when being integrated with the mine skip hoists or manual mode when combined with the cage hoists or kibble winders.

Mine winders are fitted with all the required protection devices and interlocks that provide reliable and safe operation of hoisting facilities.

The mechanical part of these machines covers all the necessary parts and assemblies, inbuilt electric, pneumatic and lubrication facilities, anchor parts, tools, spares and erection pieces.

Mine winders are supplied in complete sets and provided with the electric equipment made by the reputed home and foreign manufacturers.

We accumulated a 60-year experience in designing, manufacture and servicing of the mine winders, 2000 pieces of which have been already made and supplied to the customers. The top-level proficiency of our specialists and large production capacities allow us to develop the mine winders of any particular application.

Reliability and durability of our machines will provide higher efficiency of your production facilities.